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Has your Sasha doll carelessly kicked aside their shoes, never to be found again? Or have you made a stunning outfit only to find it impossible to obtain any shoes?
Shoes for Sasha dolls are hard to find so a selection of shoes are available here at The Doll Works for you, and they all fit the dolls properly!
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Boy's black Patent Boots
Price £15.00         Product Code SH23
Blue Suede Play Shoes
Price £15.00         Product Code SH17
Black Suede Boots
Price £15.00         Product Code SH40
Red Play Shoes
Price £12.00         Product Code SH27
Pink Cloth Spotty Boots
Price £15.00         Product Code SH24
Blue Cloth Spotty Boots
Price £15.00         Product Code SH25
Black Trainers with Red Stripe
Price £15.00         Product Code SN16
Fancy Red T-Bar Shoes
Price £15.00         Product Code SH26